Multi-Purpose Lid Cover and Spill Stopper

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Main Features

Spill Stopper: The center of the Flower Boil Lid has a double layer with a whole that allows moisture to move through it. When the pot is boiling over, the bubbles and water will build up in the lid and simmer itself down so that you don't have to deal with the mess or rush to stop boiling over ever again.

Steaming: Boil water and place the lid on top, place vegetables on the lid and your regular pot lid on top. The moisture will come through the Flower Boil Lid and steam your vegetables!

Microwave & Oven Splatter Guard: The Flower Boil Lid can withstand any cooking temperatures. It is microwave and oven friendly. Place it ontop of pots and pans to avoid splatter making a mess of your kitchen.

Dishwasher Friendly: Easy cleanup! Simply place it in your dishwasher.


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